100GB for £17 a month – Smarty’s brill Black Friday SIM only deal is back already

Smarty giveths and it takeths away…and then it giveths right back again! The up-and-coming purveyor of fantastically flexible SIM only deals has just reintroduced a tariff that took Black Friday by storm and you now have another week to get involved.

Yep, when the clocked ticked over to 12 to signal the end of Cyber Monday, Smarty removed its headline SIM only deal of the sales silly season. But just over a week on and it has brought it right back again. 

What it has on the table is a SIM that gives your phone 100GB of data and unlimited calls and texts every month for just £17. Plus, on top of the price and data combo, the big sell here is the contract length. Smarty contracts operate on a 1-month rolling basis, meaning you can stay for as little or long as you like. It won’t tie you in to anything longer.

And if £17 still feels like a sum a bit too pricey on your bills and you know that 100GB of data is waaaaay more than you’d use anyway, then Smarty’s 45GB for £15/pm cracker is also still continuing.

We’ve listed everything you need to know about the returning hero of an offer below, with next Monday, December 16 being your last chance to grab it.

Smarty’s Mega SIM only deal:

Mega SIM only plan from Smarty | 1 month rolling | 100GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £17 per month
Smarty is bringing it to the SIMO competition, offering a major 100GB of data for just £17 a month. And to make this offer even better, Smarty contracts only last for 1 month meaning you can stay for exactly how long you wish.


Are Smarty SIM only deals better than Three’s?

Coincidentally (or, to be honest, probably not), Three’s current SIM only deals are looking very similar to Smarty’s. So it also has a 100GB for £17/pm offer or you can pay one pound extra per month more and get a completely unlimited data SIM for £18 per month.

That may be tempting, as Three is undoubtedly a more recognisable name in this field and will have the same 4G coverage as Smarty. But the one thing Smarty has over Three is its flexibility and that prospect of being able to break your contract at any time. Three, on the other hand, will tie you in for a whole year.

Why go for Smarty Mobile? 

It’s a brand you may never have heard of and yet, it’s a name giving the big retailers some serious competition – let us tell you why.

With an excellent mix of cheap SIM only deals and big data bargains, Smarty covers most of the market’s needs. And, with its 1-month rolling contracts, you can stay for as long as you like, making this the perfect stop over option.

One final benefit? Smarty allows you to tether your devices to your phone meaning you can use up that 100GB of data across any laptop, tablet or even console you got over the Black Friday and Christmas period.

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