Daily Archives: March 2, 2019

Garmin Fenix 6: what we want to see

Garmin has continually improved its GPS smart watches over the years to reach the most recent Fenix 5X Plus, which could be the best GPS watch ever made.  While this watch lives up to its name by offering impressively accurate GPS data, it’s so much more.  To understand this we …

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Technology may actually be harming digital transformation

Placing an all-encompassing focus on the role of technology when making digital transformation decisions could actually be reducing the chances of success for UK businesses according to new research from Telstra. The company’s new Disruptive Decision-Making white paper was compiled using responses from 3,810 senior decision-makers from 12 industries in …

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Facebook reveals it misreported number of teen users of Research VPN

Facebook is drawing additional controversy over its Research Program, that collected data on teens through its Onavo VPN app, now that TechCrunch has revealed that the social networking giant misreported the number of users in the program. When the news initially broke, the company said that “Less than 5 percent …

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