Monthly Archives: March 2019

Smartphones help Huawei boost annual revenue

Strong demand for its smartphones helped Huawei increase annual revenues by 19.5 per cent to 721.2 billion Yuan (£82.4bn) despite ongoing “adversity” from the US and other governments around the world. The consumer business group was the biggest growing unit of the Chinese mobile giant, with revenues rising by 45 …

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Goodbye smartphone, hello augmented reality

Mark your calendars: the countdown to the end of the smartphone – as we know it – has begun. This isn’t news. In fact, it’s been ticking down for some time now, heeded by the advance of augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence and other cognitive technologies. As technology continues to …

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Hubble Telescope captures rare image of a disintegrating asteroid

A team of astronomers has identified a rare case of an asteroid spinning through space, breaking apart as it goes. The initial discovery was a happy accident. Dr Ken Smith of the Astrophysics Research Centre at Queen’s University Belfast was hunting for exploding stars (supernovae) when he came across an …

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