Daily Archives: June 9, 2019

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is now available

Ahead of its E3 2019 press conference Microsoft is revealing details around its upcoming expansions of Xbox Game Pass by opening subscription pages. First up is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which is now available to everyone after a period of limited availability to some Xbox Insiders.  Xbox Game Pass Ultimate …

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iTunes’ greatest hits: the app’s greatest successes (and failures)

Apple’s worldwide developer conference (WWDC 2019) was unusually busy this year, with an impressive array of new products and technologies on show. However, one truly landmark announcement was the news that Apple’s veteran iTunes app had finally reached the end of the road.  In truth, this decision was probably long …

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Medicus unlocks health data into meaningful insights

Artificial intelligence is gaining traction across various fields, especially health care, and with the use of data, it’s turning it into meaningful insights. Dubai-born Medicus uses an AI platform and works with diagnostic labs to translate medical reports and blood tests into visual and interactive report that a common person …

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