Daily Archives: July 21, 2019

Android is going to get better at managing your wireless headphones

Since the AirPods first pitched up in 2016, truly wireless headphones (with each earbud separate) have become more and more popular, and now Android is getting new features to improve how these devices connect up. New changes arriving for the Bluetooth Fast Pair feature in Android include individual battery life …

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Major Google Pixel 4 leaks show off front-facing bezel and sensors

Leaks and speculation around the Google Pixel 4 continue to ramp up ahead of an expected October launch, and the latest unofficial update comes in the form of a leaked screen protector photo showing the phone’s front bezel and array of sensors. The leaked image comes courtesy of prolific tipster …

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Can you get fit in virtual reality?

Music is pounding. Neon lights are flashing all around me. I duck, dodge, and side-step, my hands lash out in every direction. But this isn’t some new martial arts fitness craze or a high-energy spin class. It’s a VR game called Beat Saber that I’m playing on the Oculus Quest …

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