Daily Archives: July 31, 2019

Financial malware threat grows | TechRadar

The number of users hit by financial malware grew by seven percent during the first half of 2019 to reach 430,000 according to new research from Kaspersky which revealed the growing threat that banking Trojans pose to both businesses and individuals. This type of malware is aimed at stealing finances …

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Google uncovers security flaws in iMessage

Researchers from Google’s Project Zero have shared the details of five flaws they discovered in Apple’s iMessage software that could leave its devices vulnerable to attack. One of the vulnerabilities they uncovered was so severe that only way to save a targeted iPhone would require deleting all of the data …

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8K could soon be the new normal for Samsung TVs

Samsung has now released its latest earnings report, and things aren’t looking rosy. Profits for Samsung were down 56% compared to this time in 2018, marking a worrying slow in sales across its various electronics branches. Memory chips, specifically, have taken a hit, with slowing demand for high-end smartphones hitting …

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