Daily Archives: September 9, 2019

World’s biggest email server hit with security flaw

A security bug has been discovered in millions of Exim servers that could be exploited to give potential attackers the ability to run malicious code with root privileges. The Exim team revealed in a recent advisory that all of its servers running version 4.92.1 or lower are vulnerable though the …

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Microsoft says Huawei ban is ‘Unamerican’

Microsoft has come out in support of Huawei, arguing the current sanctions on the beleaguered Chinese firm are “unamerican”. Earlier this year, the US Department of Commerce effectively blacklisted the Chinese mobile giant on national security grounds, preventing American firms from doing business with the company. The ruling limited Huawei’s …

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Alexa, what will you be able to do in 2030?

Imagine your house 10 years from now. You might picture a huge TV screen that turns into a wall, art or something else entirely with a simple gesture, a driverless car parked in the garage and a robot butler emptying the washing machine for you. But just how likely is …

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