Daily Archives: September 14, 2019

Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface device may use liquid-powered hinges

Rumors and patent leaks related to Microsoft’s still fabled foldable, dual-screen Surface device have been swirling around since 2018, with one even hinting at a 2020 release of a foldable Microsoft Surface with Android app compatibility. And yet such an actual device still has to be announced or revealed. With …

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The LG G8X ThinQ has a secret weapon that makes it a gaming beast

First, a quick disclaimer: I’m the world’s biggest (read: outside of Korea, possibly only) LG smartphone fan. Or at least that’s sometimes how it feels in the world of tech.  While the masses sing the praises of Apple, Samsung and Huawei handsets, I sit quietly fawning over my LG G7 …

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Official Sword and Shield website teases a brand new Pokémon

A brand new Pokémon is being teased for the upcoming Generation 8 titles Pokémon Sword and Shield, but at the moment it’s not entirely clear what that Pokémon is.  On the official Pokémon Twitter it was posted that a brand new Pokémon has been discovered with a link purporting to …

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