Daily Archives: March 10, 2020

World’s most powerful supercomputer used for coronavirus research

IBM Summit, recognised as the world’s mightiest supercomputer, is being used by researchers to identify chemical compounds that could contribute to the fight against coronavirus. Researchers were afforded emergency computation time on the machine, which performs analysis at an unrivalled pace. Summit reportedly generated results within 1-2 days, as opposed …

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The best wedding photo book providers in 2020

When the vows have been uttered, the cake has been cut and the flower arrangements have wilted away, the only tangible reminder of your special day will be your wedding photos. In this modern, digital age it’s sadly all too easy to let images languish on hard drives. However, the …

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Millions more Facebook users have their data exposed online

A security researcher has discovered two exposed databases online which contain the records of over 300m Facebook users including their user IDs, phone numbers and names. The discovery was made by security researcher Bob Diachenko who found the first exposed database in December of last year. He believes that the …

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