Daily Archives: April 3, 2020

Firefox ‘keeps private files sent over Twitter for a week’

Twitter has disclosed a bug on its platform that affects all users who accessed the service from Mozilla’s Firefox browser. In a blog post, the social networking giant explained that its platform stored private files inside of Firefox’s cache, saying: “We recently learned that the way Mozilla Firefox stores cached …

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PS4 Pro bundle deals are back in stock across the UK

If you’ve been trying to find PS4 Pro deals available in the UK over the past few days, you might have been coming up short. With many people retreating into their homes, you might find yourself desperate to fill your days with entertainment, and the 4K variety is particularly popular.  …

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Google pledges $6.5 million to fight COVID-19 misinformation

In times like these when fear grips the minds of people, it is imperative to bring authentic information and prevent fake news from causing widespread panic. Google has pledged $6.5 million in funding to fact-checkers and nonprofit organizations in India “to fight misinformation” with regards to the pandemic. India is …

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