Daily Archives: May 12, 2020

Best practices for SMBs to build a website

While social media is a powerful tool for businesses to engage with customers, it cannot be a substitute for a website. With a website you can: Increase search engine visibility – People tend to search using keywords in search engines like Google. They type “Italian restaurant” for example and expect …

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Build the ultimate home office with ASUS | TechRadar

These days, we’re all spending a lot of time in our homes, and for many of us, there’s a good bit  of remote work to be done. Your office likely supplied task-ready computers, plenty of screen real estate, and a solid network to keep everyone productive and connected, but you …

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Microsoft and Intel are turning malware into images

Researchers from the Microsoft Threat Protection Intelligence Team and Intel Labs have come together to work on a new research project that utilized a novel approach to detect and classify malware. The project, called STAtic Malware-as-Image Network Analysis (STAMINA), used a new technique to convert malware samples into grayscale images …

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