A recipe for better data management

We often hear that data is the fuel of modern business, but we think that food provides an even better analogy. When we go to fill our car up at the pumps, very few of us prefer a particular brand– we just want a full tank. But when it comes to what we eat, it’s not enough to have a full belly; we need the right sort of food that is both nourishing and tastes good. 

It’s the same with data. Filling up on information doesn’t necessarily make a business better; in fact, the wrong sort of data can have a highly damaging effect on the health of the whole organisation. That’s because – in the era of the connected business – the effects of bad data aren’t confined to the system in which it resides. Instead, it ripples out to a range of other business applications and processes that rely on that information. 

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Nick Goode, EVP Product, Sage.

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