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One of Amazon’s future plans is to make cars smarter with digital assistants. That is a step closer to reality now, with the launch of the Echo Auto in India.

Amazon has been trying to bring Alexa to more places and even making it portable so users can take it with them. With the new Echo Auto, it aims to bring all of Alexa’s capabilities to your car so you can continue focussing on the road while using voice commands to access the features.

(Image credit: Amazon)

It has been designed keeping in-car acoustics in mind, with an eight-microphone array and far-field speech recognition to hear the commands over the sound of the AC, traffic, or music. The Echo Auto can be powered by the 12V charging socket (Cigarette lighter) or a USB port, and the audio can be played back through your car’s stereo system either via Bluetooth or the 3.5mm aux port. It remains connected to the Alexa app on your phone and uses the data to stream content.

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