Amazon’s ‘End of Summer’ sale is the perfect time to score cheap iPhone deals

Considering the lofty price tags we tend to see on iPhone deals these days, we relish any opportunity to get our hands on a cheap iPhone. And as luck would have it, one of those rare occasions has appeared in the form of the ‘End of Summer Sale’ from Amazon (which apparently is a thing now!).

To be exact, up until 11.59pm on 30 August, you can land a 18% discount on a SIM-free iPhone 6, 6S Plus or iPhone 7 Plus – unless they all sell out before then. What that means in essence is that Amazon has taken Apple’s most affordable Phones and cut them down even further.

If you’ve got your bargain-hunting hat on, you’ll know that this is a pretty solid price to be paying for a brand that frequently ranks in the most expensive phones. And with prices from as low as £299, these really are some sweet offers.

You can see all of these iPhone deals down below so you can decide which budget iPhone appeals to you. And while you’re on a roll with your savings, see what else is available in the Amazon Summer Sale.

These cheap iPhone deals in full:

Apple iPhone 7 Plus (32GB): £569 £469 at Amazon
The most powerful of these three phones, the iPhone 7 Plus is still an impressive device to get your hands on. For a price of £469, you’re getting a 5.5-inch screen, 2900mAh battery and an all-round impressive phone for £100 less than the norm.
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Apple iPhone 6s Plus (32GB): £452 £373 at Amazon
Dropping down in price, the iPhone 6s Plus is older but a far cheaper option. It comes with a strong camera. great full HD display and a 5.5-inch screen. This is one of the best prices we’ve seen on this phone so it is worth grabbing in this sale if you’re interested.
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Apple iPhone 6s (32GB): £348 £299 at Amazon
Finally, the cheapest of the three, the iPhone 6S. This deal comes in at less than £300 making it an absolute steal for an iPhone. It isn’t quite as impressive in terms of specs as the two options above, but it more than makes up for that with its low price.View Deal

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