Best Apple Watch apps for your smartwatch in 2018

The Apple Watch is onto its third generation now, and the aptly-named Apple Watch 3 is proving pretty popular – so that’s why you’re probably here checking out the new apps.

In fact, it’s one of the best smartwatch options out there, and now we’re at the third generation it’s becoming a particularly accomplished smart option for your wrist.

The number one question we hear from new Apple Watch owners is, “what apps should I download first?” To make answering that query easier, we devised a thorough list of the best Apple Watch apps. With the right choices, your new digital timepiece will become so much more.

Before you get into that though, remember to head into the Apple Watch main app on your iPhone – that’s where you’ll see a list of the apps already installed on your phone that can also be transferred to your Watch. If you see any you like the look of here, you’ll need to download them to your iPhone first.

Make sure you tag the apps you want on your watch – and disable the ones you don’t, as that will take up valuable space you can use to add music onto – especially great if you have the Apple Watch 3 LTE version, and an Apple Music subscription. 

See our video review of the Apple Watch Series 3 below…

New this week: Authy

Passwords aren’t good enough anymore. The easy ones are too easy to crack, and the hard ones keep getting compromised when big-name firms get hacked and all their customer data gets compromised. You can make your various online services much more secure with two-factor authentication, which adds an extra level of security to everything, and that’s what Authy offers.

The big benefit of Authy is that it isn’t insecure like SMS is, so you can be sure that your two-factor authentication code isn’t going to be intercepted and used by the bad guys. Authy is compatible with Google Authenticator, so any service that accepts the Google tool will accept it – so you can use it not just with Google but with Microsoft and Amazon accounts too. There’s a growing number of Authy-supporting websites as well.

As ever, the bulk of the work happens on the iPhone app, with the Watch component simply providing access to the time-limited tokens so that you can enter the appropriate code into the site you want to access. That’s not a weakness: the whole point of two-factor authentication is to make life harder for the criminals without making it more annoying for you.

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