Best business projectors of 2019

Buying the best business projector – rather than simply settling for an average business projector – is extremely important if you regularly need to make presentations in your line of work.

Finding the best projector for your business will help your presentations and meetings really pop, making them more engaging, interactive and professional – rather than an exercise in embarrassment and squinting.

That’s why we went ahead and created a comprehensive list of the best business projectors of 2019 – we’ve selected a wide range of projectors, from compact devices that are easy to travel with, to full-featured business projectors that feature a broader range of ports and high-end image fidelity.

As well as listing the best business projectors, we also have our very own price comparison tool that will help you find the best prices as well.

Buying one of the best business projectors will mean looking for different features than buying a projector for entertainment, so high resolutions and millions of inputs aren’t going to be quite as important as they would otherwise be.

Unfortunately, plenty of offices often cheap out in when buying business projectors, or don’t put in enough research, which leads to headaches for years to come. Don’t make this mistakes: review our favorite options for your office’s projector unit.

1. Philips Pico PPX4010

Small yet perfectly formed

Projection system: DLP | Resolutions: 854 x 480 | Brightness: 100 lumens | Contrast ratio: 1500:1 | Projection distance: 0.5 m – 3.7 m | Video inputs: mini HDMI, VGA | Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 20mm

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