Best cycling tech 2019: great gadgets to help to be a better cyclist

The best cycling gadgets will help make you a faster, smarter, safer cyclist. Even the lightest carbon bike will benefit from a few well chosen cycling gadgets, and if you choose the right ones, they’re easily worth the extra weight,

Cycling gadgets are coming on leaps and bounds as the tech in them becomes smaller, more affordable and smarter. This tracking gadgetry is what cycling hard is all about. By capturing metrics like speed, cadence, distance, heart rate and more you can fine-tune your training to get the most out of every leg press and pull.

From heart rate monitors that help you train in zones to hit specific targets to power meters that help you get the perfect spin for speed without the effort – these are the very best cycling gadgets that’ll make your ride better.

Best cycling tech in 2019

Best app: Strava

Track every ride and compete against real-world riders

Free to download

Competitive in real world

No dedicated hardware

Basic for some riders

Strava (for iOS and Android) is a great app that takes advantage of your phone or GPS watch sensors or dedicated cycling computer to let you track your ride. That means from the basics like speed and distance to more complex metrics like cadence, power and heart rate. But what’s really special is Strava’s use of the community. Since this app is used all over the world, with over 11 million workouts per week, you can theoretically hop on your bike, open the app and find the most popular routes near you. While this is a great way to find new rides it’s also perfect for those that need a little competition to help keep their speed up. You can effectively race against others that have ridden the route before. 

Strava creates what it calls heat maps, showing the routes cycled by its users the world over. Of course this could be a privacy issue for some riders so there is an option to opt out if you’re on a cheeky ride when you should be working from home. Here’s a guide on how to stay private when using Strava.  

If you want a little more out of the app, the Strava Summit option gives you features like training plans, suffer scores, Beacon and more. Training plans give you daily updates to help you reach your goals. Suffer scores are based on heart rate to show how you did against other in terms of effort not just performance. Beacon tracks you so you can share your live location with up to three people. 

Garmin Edge 1030

Best cycle computer: Garmin Edge 1030

The ultimate cycling computer for your handlebars

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