Best MacBook Air cases: the top shells and sleeves for MacBook Air

If you’ve got a MacBook Air, you’d be smart to make sure it’s protected. The aluminum chassis on the laptop helps keep it stable and light, but the MacBook Air won’t look nearly as nice if that metal gets scratched or dented. That’s where a MacBook Air case, skin or sleeve can come in.

MacBook Air cases will offer extra protection for your device, helping keep it safe in the event of falls, scrapes, dents and other mishaps. So, when the worst happens, the case can take the brunt of the accident instead of your expensive MacBook Air. Even if you got a great MacBook Air deal, it’s worth it to protect it with a case.

We haven’t had a chance to test all of these cases ourselves, but don’t worry – we here at TechRadar are both Mac and accessory experts, and we’ve used our tech expertise to find the MacBook Air cases on the market right now. And, because we’ve included our exclusive price comparison tool, you can be confident that you’re getting the best MacBook Air case deal on the internet. 

What you need to know about Black Friday 2019
Deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always ideal times of year to pick up a flashy, new MacBook case or sleeve. Basically every retailer will likely have discount offers on these items, so you’ll need to be extra diligent as to which deal is best. We can obviously help you with that, but it never hurts to cross reference deals with listings straight from each product manufacturer. There’s also no certain thing that holding off until Black Friday will get you a deeper discount than right now (our exclusive price-grabbing tool finds all the latest deals).

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1. Mosiso MacBook Air case

Affordable, all-around protection

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