Carphone Warehouse is slashing prices on a host of iPhone deals…for a limited time

Flash sales are a tricky thing. Retailers throw you a collection of awesome offers, often on the latest tech and then tell you that you have just days to score that sweet discount.

The latest retailer to kick-start the impending countdown is Carphone Warehouse, giving you until the upcoming Monday to land a discounted price on a range of iPhone deals and Android offerings.

On the Android side, there’s an EE offering on the brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and a strong data plan on the Google Pixel 4. Moving over to Apple and you’ve got your choice of the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XR, XS or even the much older iPhone 6s.

Enough of us jabbering on (the clock is ticking after all), you can see all of these Carphone Warehouse deals below so you can see if any work for you. Missed the deadline? Consult our guide to the best mobile phone deals for the best alternatives.

Limited time iPhone, Google and Samsung deals from Carphone:

Why buy from Carphone Warehouse?

Everyone knows the name ‘Carphone Warehouse‘ but what is it that makes the retailer really standout?

Providing ‘text to switch’ features – allowing you to easily change over your number when you switch contracts – as well as phone trade-ins to save money with your old handset, Carphone is working to make your purchase as easy as possible.

Combine that with Carphone’s next day delivery guarantee and click and collect options from 850 stores and the high-street retailer is looking like a strong option – discover its latest prices and offers with our Carphone Warehouse deals guide.

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