Could 2020 be the year laptops change for good?

The humble laptop has been around for 40 years, but in that time not much has changed. The basic form factor of a clamshell device that opens up to show a display on the top half, and a keyboard on the bottom, can be seen as far back as 1981 with the Osborne 1, which many people consider to be the first laptop.

While the fact that the essential form factor of the laptop hasn’t changed in over four decades is a testament to just how good the initial design of the laptop is, don’t you think it’s time for a change?

Laptop makers obviously do, as it looks like 2020 will see an influx of new foldable laptops that are made of a single screen, or two screens joined together by a hinge.

Not much has changed in laptop design (except size, weight and power) (Image credit: CC BY 3.0)

Now, you’re probably correctly thinking that all laptops are foldable anyway – but this new generation of laptops will be doing something genuinely different, and something we’ve only seen so far in smartphones – as they’ll be made up of a single foldable screen.

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