Don’t miss out on the UK’s cheapest broadband deal, courtesy of Shell

With the current global situation and strict lockdown rules being put in place, most broadband providers have stopped offering new contracts and installation of broadband.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t install it yourself. As long as you have a telephone line, it’s a super easy and straightforward process. 

And if your broadband contract just ended you should definitely consider switching to Shell, the provider just dropped the price of its ADSL plan, meaning that you’re looking at paying a mere £16.99 a month for broadband!

This makes it the cheapest broadband deal in the whole of the UK. The only thing to note is that it does come with average speeds of only 11Mb, to get a price that low you’ll have to make some concessions.

For something a bit faster, Shell has also cut the price of its fibre plan, with a drop from £29.99 a month to £26.99. However, as we mentioned above, for both of these plans you will need a telephone line.I

If you don’t already have one, we highly recommend looking into Virgin Media or 4G home broadband plans, as these look to be the two remaining ways to get a broadband connection installed right now.

Want more details on this ace deal? Just scroll below, as we have outlined it in full.

This ace Shell broadband deal in full:

Shell Energy Fast Broadband | 18 month contract | 11Mb average speed |  FREE upfront | £16.99 per month
Simply put, this is incredible value for broadband. You’re paying very little every month and still getting decent speeds of 11Mb. Plus, on top of that you don’t have to pay anything upfront, so there’s no hidden or sneaky fees anywhere.
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What other broadband deals are there?

As long as you have a telephone line, the answer is plenty! 

If the 11Mb average speeds are getting you down, why not go with Vodafone Superfast 2, for £22.95 a month you’re getting fibre broadband with average speeds of 63Mb.

Or if you’re looking for a freebie with your broadband, why not try TalkTalk? For £23.50 a month the provider is offering 38Mb average speeds and a pre-paid £40 gift card to Amazon or a range of other retailers.

Not to mention, BT has also got a pretty sweet deal – for £28.99 a month you’d be getting fast fibre speeds of 50Mb.

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