Dragon Age 4 reveal may only be weeks away, as Bioware teases announcement

So, Anthem may have been a bust, and Mass Effect: Andromeda wasn’t exactly stellar either – but there’s still hope for Bioware in the shape of the long-awaited Dragon Age 4, which looks set to be revealed soon.

The Dragon Age series marks its 10th anniversary this month, and developer Bioware is teasing that it’s got a whole day of celebrations planned just for the occasion on December 4.

In a tweet, Bioware said:

Dragons to the rescue?

It’s been a tough few years for Bioware, following a couple of high-profile misses, so a lot will be riding on Dragon Age 4 to help the company reassert itself as the king of the RPG genre.

Development on the game was confirmed back at the Game Awards 2018 ceremony, but it’s been quiet ever since with no official news shared on the game, aside from the tease of a tie-in story being on the way.

However, rumors that have pointed to Dragon Age 4 being focussed on a ‘live service’ element to the game have made some fans cautious – though the muted reception to Anthem will likely have once again changed the course that Dragon Age 4 is set to take. At this stage in current console life cycles, don’t be surprised if Dragon Age 4 lands not only on PC, but on Xbox Project Scarlett and the PlayStation 5, too.

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