Flickr ups display resolution of images to 6K for pro accounts

Stills- and video-hosting site Flickr is doing everything it can to make its paying users get their money’s worth. Pro users now have the option of having their images display at a maximum resolution of 6K.

If you happen to be a Flickr Pro member uploading high-resolution images to the site, the longer side of your image can now measure 6,144px, as opposed to the older 2K resolution where the longest side measured 2,048px. 

According to the announcement on the Flickr forum, the higher display resolution “should show your photos off in all their pixel perfect glory”, particularly on the latest high-resolution monitors that should be able to bring out “every single detail perfectly”.

The increased display resolution has already been rolled out to all Pro users – there is a dedicated option in the settings page where you can choose the display size for your images.

If you’ve made your selection, all existing and newly uploaded images with an original size larger than 6K (6,144 x 3,160) will, from now on, automatically be displayed at maximum resolution on the platform.

Smaller-sized images will also be displayed in the largest possible size, depending on the original resolution of the uploaded media.

If Flickr members on the free tier, though, the 6K display option is not available and your images will continue to be visible at a maximum resolution of 2K.

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