Google Pixel 4 deals are here – pre-order now to get a free Chromebook and more

We’ve waited eagerly for the new Google Pixel 4 and, now it’s been officially unveiled, we couldn’t be happier. Not because of the awesome dual-sensor rear camera or the promise of Android 10 – but because of the sensational Google Pixel 4 deals already available to pre-order!

We must admit that we were fearing the worst in the lead up to launch, but the Pixel 4 is actually cheaper than the Pixel 3 was on release. You can get it for £669 for the 64GB version – down from the 3’s £739 starting RRP – while the 4 XL will set you back an iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Note-10 smashing £829.

But that’s not all, as the majority of major retailers have a extra little sweetener on board. Just like on the Pixel 3a release earlier in the year, if you pre-order the Pixel 4 before it’s physically released on October 24 you can also claim a FREE Chromebook. That’s a fantastic freebie for fast, simple home computing that’s worth over £200. There’s a list of the main participating retailers below.

Still not happy? Then maybe this will convince you…Carphone Warehouse will also chuck a tasty little voucher at you if you pre-order Pixel 4 deals from the retailer. Get a £50 giftcard for Currys PC World, Google Play, Just Eat or a pre-paid Mastercard if you order on contract, or £25 value for Currys PC World, Costa, a pre-paid Mastercard or a Now TV Sky Sports 1 Month Pass if you’re buying SIM-free.

Where to buy Google Pixel 4 pre-order deals:

If you want to pre-order the Pixel 4 (or, indeed, the Google Pixel 4 XL), then you can do so immediately from the following retailers and claim that free Chromebook:

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