How to watch Johnson vs Corbyn 2 online: stream BBC Prime Ministerial Debate for free in the UK or abroad

It’s been a month of grilling interviews, intense debates and outrage from the public for both Boris Johnson and the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn. And now, it is time for the next round. Read on to see how to watch the BBC Prime Ministerial Debate online – aka Johnson vs Corbyn 2!

BBC Prime Ministerial Debate: when’s it on?

The BBC Prime Ministerial Debate will be held in Southampton on Friday, December 6.

You can watch it on BBC One or using the BBC iPlayer at 8.30pm GMT. Or, if you happen to be out of the country when it airs, scroll down to see how to catch it in full abroad.

For both party leaders, November wasn’t exactly a month of popularity, with both having to back out of debates and facing interviews which left many major questions unanswered in the run-up to the general election.

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