Lesson#1: Introduction To HTML And First Program

HTML stand for hypertext markup language. It is used to create web pages. A browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome is used to read HTML document and display it on the screen as web pages.

Hypertext Mark-Up Language

HTML is a markup language because it uses tags that tells the web browser how to display the  web page. It is the language of Internet’s world wide web. Websites and web pages are written in HTML. It is used to create hypertext documents that bring together text, pictures, sounds, video clips and links all in one place. HTML files are plain text files, so they can be created using a simple editor such as Notepad or Notepad++.

Creating and Displaying HTML Document

In this unit Notepad plus plus is used for creating HTML documents. This editor can be downloaded from internet. link:  Notepad++ Free Download

Creating the First HTML Document

Open the Notepad++ program and type the text as shown below

First HTML Document

Welcome to HTML Tutorial…

Now to save your first HTML document, open the file menu and select save as… And give it the name first.html.

Displaying the HTML Document (Web Page)

 To open the first.html document in the browser window, go to the location where you saved it. Double click on it to open. The browser window will display it as shown below

Error in displaying image


Tags used to Mark-Up HTML Elements

HTML tag is a command or code that specifies how a web page is formatted.  HTML documents consist of text files that contain HTML Elements. HTML elements defined using HTML tags. HTML tags are surrounded by the two characters < and > and generally they come in pairs, such as <head> and </head>. The text between these two tags element content. The first tag  is the start tag and the second tag is the end  tag. HTML tags are not case sensitive, so the user can write them in upper-case or lower-case letters.

HTML Head and Body Tags

.  the following  tags are used two markup the HTML elements in the first.html document.

<html></html> Tags

 The first tag in the HTML document is <html> that indicates the start of the HTML document. The last tag is </html> that tells the browser That This Is the End of the HTML document.

it is used To give title to the webpage.

<body></body> Tags

 anything typed inside the body tags will be displayed in the browser window as shown in Figure 1.1

 if there is any change required in HTML file it can be done by opening it again in text editor. To open it, click on the file to select it and then right click, select open with and click the text editor in the shortcut menu. Now edit and save it again.

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