Microsoft reveals how to replace the Surface Laptop 3 SSD – but still warns users not to do it

Microsoft has released a document which shows how users can replace the SSD in their Surface Laptop 3, along with the tools you’ll need to do it – however it’s still trying to persuade its customers to not attempt the procedure themselves.

According to the manual, known as the rSSD Removal Guide for Enterprise, the process for replacing the removable solid state drive (rSSD) is quite straightforward.

You need a few tools, such as a Torx-plus 5 screwdriver, which the manual lists, but there’s nothing necessary that you’ll struggle to find in a hardware store. In fact, Microsoft recommends buying the tools from the likes of Amazon and iFixit.

Don’t do it yourself

While the process seems pretty easy, Microsoft seems to be trying its hardest to dissuade users from doing it themselves. Even the name of the manual (rSSD Removal Guide for Enterprise) seems like it’s been deliberately picked to sound as dry and unexciting as possible – while also stressing that it should only be done by professionals.

It seems to be possible to swap out the SSD of the Surface Laptop 3 if you want to, but be warned that this might void your warranty. If you want to avoid doing that, you’ll need to take your device to a Microsoft Store or an approved third party shop.

Still, even if Microsoft has only grudgingly made the SSD of the Surface Laptop 3 replaceable, it remains a positive step because previous versions of Microsoft’s Surface devices have been made deliberately difficult to fix or upgrade.

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