New trailers for Netflix’s The Witcher spotlights Henry Cavill’s Geralt and cast

The Witcher adaptation on Netflix arrives later this month, promising to bring monster slaying, dark fantasy and warriors with excellent hair to this festive period. Right now, Netflix is building anticipation for the series with a few character spotlight videos, that throw in some new footage for good measure. The above focuses on Geralt of Rivia, the show’s main character, played by Henry Cavill.

As Cavill himself explains, Witchers are monster hunters who are hated by pretty much everyone. You then get some nice shots of Geralt looking moody in a pub, fighting monsters, and a sample of his magic abilities. You’ll see he uses a kind of Force push move to knock an enemy down. Fans of The Witcher games might be familiar with that one: it’s the Sign (The Witcher’s version of spells) known as Aard, one of a Witcher’s powers. 

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