OPPO’s first wireless charger, AirVOOC gets a green signal at WPC

When it comes to mobile fast charging technology, OPPO has consistently been the market leader. However, the Chinese OEM has not yet introduced its fast wireless charging technology. That’s about to change as a new AirVOOC wireless charger has been spotted at the Wireless Power Consortium. 

OPPO is working on a second flagship phone called the OPPO Ace 2, the successor of last year’s Reno Ace. Rumors suggest that AirVOOC wireless charger would be unveiled along with it. As per the WPC documents, the wireless charger (with model number OAWV01) supports a maximum of 40W fast charging. 

(Image credit: Wireless Power Consortium)

Renders of the device show an unusual oval-shape, part of which is recessed to hold the phone. It’s hard to comment on the build material, but it could be grippy rubber to keep the phone at a place. On the other side of the recess is a button-like circular module, the exact functions of which are unknown as of yet. Underneath, there are heat vents to prevent overheating while charging. 

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