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This WordPress vulnerability could let hackers hijack your entire site

A WordPress plugin has been discovered to contain “easily exploitable” security issues that could be leveraged by an attacker to gain complete control over vulnerable websites. The plugin is called WP Database Reset and it is used to reset databases without having to go through the standard WordPress installation process. …

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Google unveils Premium Support plan for enterprise cloud service

In an effort to attract more large enterprises to its cloud, Google has announced a new Premium Support plan for businesses running mission-critical workloads on its cloud infrastructure. According to the search giant, the cost of its Premium Support plan will be based on how much each customer spends monthly. …

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What is AWS Storage Gateway?

For a company that’s existed for some time or has relied on legacy systems, Storage Gateway is a godsend because the “old way” involves constant management and even additional staff members. With cloud services, those staff members become more available for online storage planning, strategy, and other tasks while the …

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