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Zoom takes steps to prevent ‘Zoom-bombing’

Zoom Video Communications has seen a surge in new users as a result of people working from home and trying to stay connected during the global pandemic. However, hackers and pranksters have begun to disrupt meetings by joining them without permission through a practice known as ‘Zoom-bombing‘. The company has …

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Microsoft reveals new code integrity feature for Linux

Microsoft has published details about a new project called Integrity Policy Enforcement (IPE) that it has been working on for the Linux kernel. IPE is a Linux Security Module (LSM) which are optional add-ons for the Linux kernel designed to enable additional security features. In its documentation page, Microsoft explained …

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Intel surges against AMD in latest Steam user survey | TechRadar

The AMD vs Intel rivalry has had another strange turn, as Team Blue has reversed a long-running trend, clawing back processor market share from AMD. However, this is probably just because so many people are working from home.   That’s according to the latest Steam Hardware Survey, which shows that …

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