Samsung readying Apple iPad Pro competitors with bigger screens

There are almost no high-end options on the Android tablet marketplace if you’re looking for 11+ inch displays. New reports coming in suggest that Samsung could change that by introducing 11-inch and 12.4-inch screens. 

Apple is Samsung’s chief rival in the tablet space, and it’s also understandable why the Korean conglomerate is planning on these bigger displays. Currently, Apple’s iPad Pro line comes with similar-sized 11-inch, and 12.9-inch slim-bezel screens and Samsung wants one of its products to compete in that category. According to the report by Sammobile, these will be flagship offerings introduced alongside the Wi-Fi and cellular variants. 

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Earlier reports have made it clear that Samsung’s Tab S6 successor with SM-T970 and SM-T975 model numbers is in the works. And since these model numbers are new for Samsung’s tablet series, it is being presumed that the bigger displays could be introduced with these variants. There’s a new SM-T87x series, which is a continuation of the Galaxy Tab S6’s SM-T86X model number. 

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