Star Trek: Picard episode 6 recap: Picard reunites with an old friend from TNG

About this episode

– Episode 6 (of 10), ‘The Impossible Box’
– Written by  Nick Zayas
– Directed by Maja Vrvilo

Spoilers follow

Soji is dreaming. She’s a young girl, walking through her house at night. She approaches her father working in a room filled with orchids. He calls her name and she wakes up. She tells Narek that she keeps having the same nightmare. On the La Sirena, Jurati lies to Picard about Maddox’s death. He’s uneasy about having to visit the Borg Cube where Soji currently is, noting that the last time he visited one it wasn’t voluntary. Picard is angered by Jurati’s claim that the Borg might have changed, and as he cools off in his holo-vineyard, Jurati and Rios sleep together.

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