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Amazon finally makes it easier to understand Alexa on your Echo

Alexa is getting some much-welcome flexibility to help users who aren’t digging the smart assistants automatic talking speed, after an update that gives Alexa three different speeds when responding to voice commands.  Users can now ask Alexa to “speak faster” or “speak slower”, while asking the voice assistant to “speak …

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Song ID, one of the best new Alexa skills, is finally in the UK

As convenient as Alexa’s hands-free music is, it can get irritating when you never know the name of the song or band currently playing – especially if you’re having to pause the music yourself to check.  Now, Alexa’s optional Song ID feature, which runs you through the track and artist …

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Amazon Alexa skills get even smarter by working together

Amazon has announced that certain Alexa skills will now be able to work together to act upon your requests and commands.  Called ‘skill connections’, the new feature enables a skill to “use another skill to perform a specific task”. So, if a company has an Alexa skill that helps users …

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