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Amazon is cracking down on counterfeit merchants

Ever thought you were getting a top-brand bargain on Amazon, only to have a fake arrive through the post? The online shopping giant is hoping to make that a thing of the past, with a new crackdown aimed at third-party merchants dealing in dodgy wares. Amazon is to begin sharing …

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What is Amazon S3? | TechRadar

Amazon S3 is the foundational product in the Amazon Web Services lineup. Well-known and well-regarded, it is the bedrock for most of the Amazon cloud computing services available. Without it, many web applications we use would not function, including Amazon.com itself. To understand what S3 is and what it does, …

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What is Amazon Corretto? | TechRadar

Limitations. That’s sometimes a word that comes into play when developers start building applications. They discover the limitations of the development engine or the IT infrastructure needed to support an app. They discover limitations in how they can distribute the app and who can use it on which devices. Or …

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