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Zoom app hijackers disrupting calls with pornographic and hateful imagery

Anonymous individuals are hijacking and disrupting Zoom video conferences held by schools and businesses, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has warned. Having infiltrated the conference, hijackers are reportedly displaying pornographic, profane and hateful imagery to attendees. Some are doing so with the intention of posting videos to social …

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Zoom video calls get a new background tool courtesy of Canva

With the world in a state of flux, many of us have now found ourselves with a new workplace – our homes. While it’s certainly cut down the commute, it’s also having some interesting results, namely, our co-workers are getting a rare glimpse into our living space through video chat. …

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Free broadband calls resisted by UK internet providers

The UK’s leading internet service providers (ISPs) have rejected calls to provide free connections as the country deals wit the coronavirus outbreak. ISPs have been under pressure to help out those in need by cutting the cost of vital internet connections, or offering more speed and bandwidth to those in …

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