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72 hours with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: ongoing camera review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 camera stands with the best camera phones, or at least that’s the conclusion I’m drawing ahead of TechRadar’s full review this week. I’ve already unboxed the Note 10 and offered details about the size, performance, and a select few camera samples. It’s time to unleash …

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Xiaomi’s 64MP camera system is coming soon on a Redmi phone

Xiaomi has finally showcased its 64MP camera system at an event titled “Imaging technology for the future”. The Chinese electronics maker claims it to be one of the most advanced camera that’s ever been developed for a smartphone. Xiaomi has also announced that it will be among the world’s 1st …

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Redmi and Realme prepping to showcase their 64MP camera tech this week

Budget smartphones are progressing at astonishing speeds where higher-end specifications are brought down to never-before-seen price segments. Pushing those boundaries, Xiaomi and Realme will be showing off their 64MP camera implementations this week, which is expected to debut on their future smartphones. In the first half of 2019, we saw …

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