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World’s cheapest PC costs only $19.99

If you’re looking for an absolute steal on a new PC, this may be one of the cheapest deals to ever go online. For the next few days, Gearbest is selling the Q96 Home Smart TV box, an Android mini PC, for a mere $19.99 including free shipping from China …

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Teamgroup 1TB SSD is now the cheapest on the planet

Head over to Newegg (rather than Amazon) in order to buy the cheapest 1TB solid state drive in the world. The Team Group L5 3D Lite costs only $76.99, a 21% drop from its non-sale price of $96.99. It comes with free shipping in the US and you won’t be …

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This 3.84TB Seagate Nytro is the cheapest big SSD right now

The words ‘cheapest’ and ‘bargain’ are not usually associated with high-end, enterprise storage solid state drives, and yet the Seagate Nytro is just that.  It is the cheapest big SSD you can buy right now at just over $400 (from Newegg). With a 3.84TB capacity, it’s significantly more affordable than …

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