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A recipe for better data management

We often hear that data is the fuel of modern business, but we think that food provides an even better analogy. When we go to fill our car up at the pumps, very few of us prefer a particular brand– we just want a full tank. But when it comes …

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Exclusive: Oracle to open data centre in Saudi Arabia in two weeks

Oracle’s regional head said that its first data centre in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, will be up and running in two weeks. Abdul Rahman Al Thehaiban, Senior Vice-President of Technology, Middle East and Africa at Oracle, told TechRadar Middle East in an exclusive that it will be the first data centre on Generation …

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Shining a light on dark data

The business world is flooded with data. It’s estimated that the aggregate amount of data, which grows twice in size every two years, measures 4.4 zettabytes (trillion gigabytes) and is likely to reach a massive 44 zettabytes by 2020. The internet is at the heart of this data tsunami. In …

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