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No, you won’t find a cheaper Windows 10 PC anywhere

Microsoft sells a copy of Windows 10 Home for $139 and yet if you don’t mind getting a free new PC that you can carry around, it is worth looking at the Z83II, a $95 (yes $95) mini PC from popular Chinese retailer, Gearbest. Now there have been cheaper PCs …

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Google Assistant will soon be able to find your lost keys

You’re late for work, you’ve barely slept, and now you can’t find your keys – it’s a nightmare most of us face from time to time, but Tile’s tracking technology has made the morning routine easier for even the most forgetful among us.  And now it’s set to get even …

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Oculus VP: 2D games will find a new home in VR

Nearly one year ago – in May 2018 – something amazing happened: Beat Saber, a breakout VR game from Beat Games, hit the top of the Steam charts. It was a groundbreaking moment for VR and one that Oculus’ Vice President of Special Gaming Strategies, Jason Rubin, says is a stepping …

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