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Win a Kindle Fire tablet by telling us your views on cybersecurity

The ongoing pandemic has changed the way millions approach their work, opening up new opportunities for cybercriminals, but also creating an environment in which cybersecurity specialists can demonstrate their mettle. To help us keep you informed about the security-related topics that are most interesting to you, take part in our …

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Amazon Fire TV takes on Roku and Samsung with new free TV tab

The Amazon Fire TV interface is doubling down on free TV streaming, with a new, dedicated tab for all the content on Fire TV you don’t have to pay for. Titled simply ‘Free’, the new tab sits on the Fire TV’s navigation bar, collating together the freely available programming in …

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Hackers could destroy 3D printers by setting them on fire

It sounds improbable, and very scary, but it’s conceivable that a hacker can compromise a 3D printer, override temperature safety constraints, and potentially cause the device to actually catch fire. As spotted by The Register, this is the worrying claim put forward in a blog post by security firm CoalFire, …

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