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Xbox Series X and PS5 games may be ported to Nintendo Switch too

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are on the horizon – and while both gaming machines promise a massive jump in graphical capability, one developer still thinks the humble Nintendo Switch will be home to ports from these next-generation consoles. How is that possible? Developer Virtuos, which has been behind …

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The best Super Mario games: from Bros. to Odyssey, NES to Switch

With numerous reports this week revealing that Nintendo is planning on celebrating Mario’s 30th anniversary by releasing the platforming plumber’s back catalogue on Switch, it’s time to rank the best Mario games. This is a hard thing to do on a few levels, because 2D and 3D Mario games are …

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Intel used AMD code to get a 10% frame-rate boost in some Linux games

Linux gaming could soon get better for those using Intel graphics on their PC, thanks to tweaks which have reportedly boosted performance by around 10%. How has this happened? As Phoronix.com, that ever-present source of Linux info, reports, Jason Ekstrand – a member of Intel’s open source driver development team …

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