TalkTalk’s best Black Friday winning broadband deals end this Thursday

In 2017 it was BT and last year Vodafone, but 2019’s Black Friday broadband deals king was TalkTalk. It came through with two awesome offers that put the rest of the competition to shame. 

The first of its options was a free upgrade to its Faster Fibre Speed Boost Broadband plan, which meant you could get really rapid 67Mb fibre internet for the same price as it would normally charge for 38Mb. That means some of the fastest home broadband speeds around for a mere £21.95 a month and with a promise of no price hikes throughout the 18-month contract. That’s a cast-iron bargain.

But if that’s still a bit more than you wanted to pay or you can’t actually get fibre at your address, then its so-called Faster Broadband plan offers similar levels of value. This is 11Mb internet for £17.95 a month, so pretty good in its own right. But then TalkTalk decided to throw in an extra sweetener – a £40 gift card for Amazon, Tesco or Argos, or simply a £40 pre-paid Mastercard you can spend wherever you like.

Like what you’re reading? Keep scrolling, below we’ve got both deals outlined for you. However, we’d suggest you don’t take too long considering these offers as they’re set to end this Thursday, December 5. A quick check of our handy broadband deals guide will show you just how good they are compared to the competition.

TalkTalk’s winning Black Friday broadband deals:

TalkTalk Faster Fibre Speed Boost Broadband | 18 months | Avg speeds 67Mb | Line rental incl. | FREE activation | £24.95 £21.95 per month
If you love to stream, or you live in a busy household this is the perfect package for you. Average download speeds of 67Mb are great (that’s the speed we recommend for all 4K TV streaming needs). Not only is this a great value for price but you are guaranteed that it won’t increase at all for the next 18 months, either.
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TalkTalk Fast Broadband | 12 months | Avg speeds 11Mb | Line rental incl. | FREE activation | £17.95pm | £40 Amazon gift card
Of course with a deal this incredible we can’t expect the speeds to be superfast – but under £18 a month for broadband is ridiculously good. Along with the cheap bills, TalkTalk charges nothing upfront and guarantees your costs will remain the same throughout the contract, and let us not forget the very handy £40 to spend at Amazon, Argos, Tesco and beyond.
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