The best cheap PlayStation VR bundles and deals in August 2018

PlayStation VR bundles are cheaper than you might think. Sony cut the price of all its bundles a while back and most of them come packing the PS4 camera too, which you actually need to make the headset work.

Originally £350/$399 at launch for the headset alone the new pricing structure generally starts at just £259/$299. This includes the headset and also the camera and a game, usually the excellent minigame collection, VR Worlds. We’ve been seeing some very tempting discounts this summer too, so now’s the time to seek out your mega bundle on the cheap.

Below you’ll find our guide to the best PlayStation VR bundles out there for the headset along with bundle options often include the camera or games too, we’ll let you know which ones are the best value for money.

This PlayStation VR bundle deals page can also help you prepare by picking up the other kit you’ll need to enjoy the best PlayStation VR experience. You’ll want to pick up the PS4 camera as you need it for the PlayStation VR headset to work. You could also grab a couple of PS Move motion controllers, as some VR games support them. You can also use these items with a small number of Move-based PS4 games like SportsFriends or Just Dance. If you’re looking for the ultimate upgrade, check out our PS4 Pro deals.

PlayStation VR headset deals

The grid below will be regularly updated with the latest PlayStation VR headset prices headset from different retailers. After seemingly endless stock shortages, units seem to be back in stock at most stores. Which is fantastic news with 2017 seeing some great PlayStation VR games to enjoy like Resident Evil 7 and Farpoint.

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