There’s more to container isolation than the technology

As the Chief Security Architect at Red Hat, Mike Bursell spends his days talking about security both inside and outside the company. His job, he tells us on the sidelines of the Open Source Summit Europe 2019 in Lyon, France, is to encourage people to think about security. Talking about the security challenges in today’s containerised world, Mike says that there’s more to containers than just the technology and people miss that it’s a cultural change: “It’s very easy to forget that security isn’t just about runtime. It’s about development time and test time and provisioning time and closing down containers.”

His advice to people is to follow the age-old rule and think about security right from the design stage: “If you’re doing DevOps for doing agile methodology, you can’t wait for two weeks before you deploy to put security in because you deploy every two weeks, for instance. So you need to make it a part of the cycle.” 

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