These cheap Honor 20, Oppo and Samsung phone deals are an early Black Friday treat

Trying to beat the Black Friday rush seems to have become a trend for phone retailers this year, launching their offers a good few weeks before Black Friday officially kicks in. The latest contender bringing you some early bargains and cheap contracts is

The phone retailer has launched early with a two-part offer – cheap tariffs on Samsung phone deals, Oppo handsets and Honor devices (we’re talking £20 per month cheap!) and a price promise to take away the fears of losing out on a bargain later down the line. 

While you won’t be seeing those headline flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S10 or iPhone 11 in these early sales, there are a host of cheap offers across devices including the Samsung Galaxy A70, Samsung Galaxy A40, Oppo Reno and Honor 20.

Yes, these aren’t devices sporting world record specs but they are affordable handsets cut even further down in price through these sales. You can find out more about these mobile phone deals and’s price guarantee below.

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