This Disney Plus trailer shows off hundreds of launch films and shows

If you can’t wait until Disney Plus launches in mid-November, Disney has dropped a massive three-hour-long trailer to give you a sneak peak at the animation through the ages coming to the much-hyped TV streaming service.

It’s not quite every launch title – the video is named “Basically Everything Coming to Disney+ in the US” – and the exact titles on Disney Plus are going to vary between various territories. But it gives an easy visual run-through of what TV shows and films we can expect from the service, without having to scroll through 600 individual tweets on the Disney Plus Twitter account (which also happened this week).

You can see the Disney Plus trailer below.

Give us some Disney, already

Hype is building for the Disney Plus service, with a huge raft of titles set to come our way when it launches in the US and Canada on November 12, and New Zealand / Australia on November 19.

The issue of exactly which titles we’ll get is an interesting one, with licensing difficulties between territories meaning that some countries could get the short straw – while the lack of a Disney Plus UK launch date is still giving us grief over how far behind the UK will be. 

In the meantime, though, this three-hour trailer is probably the purest shot of Disney you can find – though it might be better played in the background rather than a three-yard stare. You might want to look at the best Netflix movies, best movies on Amazon Prime, or best 4K Blu-ray movies for something with an actual plot.

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