This exclusive iPhone 8 deal on EE is the cheapest offer around by far

It might now be almost two years old but the iPhone 8 remains one of our favourite devices from Apple to date. Coming in at a price far below Apple’s more recent mobiles, the truly stand-out feature of this handset is its price – a factor that this exclusive deal improves on even further.

This offer starts with monthly bills of just £23, a price far below the average monthly cost of an iPhone 8 deal. Pair that with an upfront cost of just £125 (thanks to TechRadar’s exclusive code TECH825) and you get the best price we’ve seen on this iPhone for a while.

Usually with monthly bills that low, you end up doomed to a two-year contract with a measly 1GB of data. But luckily, with this deal you’re getting 4GB each and every month. Combine that with the fact this contract is on EE – the UK’s fastest 4G network – and you’ll struggle to find any faults in this contract (so long as you can stomach the upfront price).

You can find out more about our new favourite iPhone deal, exclusive code and all, down below. And to really see just how much you’re saving, consult our mobile phone deals guide for everything else in the UK.

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