Time’s running out to get UK’s best cheap broadband deal courtesy of Plusnet

Are you one of those people that gets mocked for hunting out the cheapest version of everything? Tech, clothing, holidays…everything. Well you have a home here, my friend. And if your internet contract is coming to an end and you simply want to know what the lowest price you can pay for the next year is, then we have the lowdown on the UK’s best cheap broadband deal.

Thanks to a handsome cashback incentive, Plusnet has managed to sneak past the competition to effectively offer overall lowest cost broadband deal around. While the starting price of £19.99 isn’t winning any awards, apply £75 automatic cashback and it drops to just £13.74 a month on average.

Pair that excellent price with the lack of upfront costs on this package and this passes even Onestream (£13.99/pm), a broadband provider synonymous with cheap internet.

You can check out all the details of this deal down below but don’t wait too long if its caught your eye, this offer comes to an end on Tuesday, July 2. Or if the speeds are holding you back, compare fibre broadband deals to see if the price rise is worth your time – it might cost less tan you had imagined as Vodafone can do it for only £22 per month.

This cheap Plusnet broadband deal in full:

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband | 12 months | 10Mb average speed | Free calls to Plusnet customers | £19.99 per month | FREE activation | £75 cashback
Here it is, effectively the UK’s best cheap broadband only deal. It comes in at £19.99 a month, which is already pretty affordable but then it just gets better with the cashback Plusnet is offering. If you include that value you end up with a effective monthly price of less than £14. It only gets better considering there are no upfront costs with this one.

Hurry! Deal ends on July 2
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What other broadband deals are available? 

While this is the cheapest overall price you can get on broadband right now, you do have to mess around with cashback to get that price. If you want the cheapest package without dealing with cashback, Onestream is your best choice. 

Coming in at a price of £13.99 a month, it is the cheapest monthly cost out there. It would be even cheaper than this Plusnet offer if it wasn’t for its upfront cost.

If you’re feeling like splashing out a bit more on your internet, there are some affordable fibre broadband deals out there. But for the cheapest fibre offer, nothing quite beats Vodafone’s £22 a month offer.

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