Using analytics to secure UC

As more companies are migrating away from legacy systems for voice and video communications to cloud-based alternatives, workers are communicating with their colleagues around the world across many disparate platforms and devices. Integrating these features with a unified communications (UC) platform can provide a wide range of benefits to an organisation including more advanced functionality, decreased total cost of ownership (TCO) of communications and improved flexibility.

About the author

Patrick Joggerst is the CMO and EVP Business Development at Ribbon Communications.

Internal communications

Virtual meetings over applications like Skype for Business and secure file sharing are just two fundamental examples of what a modern business requires for internal communication, but this offering can now be bolstered by integrating customer-facing solutions too. With the rise of WebRTC for businesses to tailor solutions to their needs, communications are now being embedded within customised applications to make it easier for customers and employees to interact. 

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